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  • The Big 4 TRILLION Dollar Companies
  • Miracle Ayanfe, Author of The Big 4 TRILLION Dollar Companies
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The Big 4 TRILLION Dollar Companies

Discover The exact same strategies and top secret business models used by the 4 most successful companies on earth to generate TRILLIONS of dollars. This is the first book that truly exposes the exact models used by – Alphabet (Google), Apple, Amazon and Facebook (plus Microsoft). This discovery can help any CEO skyrocket company revenue x10 in months

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Finally... A Quick and Easy Way For You to Scale Your Business Using Proven Business Models

Learn Business Models of TRILLION $ Companies

(If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.

Lessons From TRLLION $ Companies And How You Can Adapt Them To Your Own Business.

In this book you’ll have a sequential analysis, practical examples and understanding of the World’s Most Successful Companies and their business models.

What you will learn!

You will discover a simple model your business can copy to attract more clients and retain them as your raving fans.

In this book, you will learn;

Simple-to-follow Blueprint To Success That Will Save You Years of Trial and Error

  • The history of how these industry behemoths started from Zero and grew to trillions of dollars and how you can draw inspiration from them
  • What all these TRILLION dollar companies have in common that made them succeed and how you can adapt it to your own market/industry
  • Practical real-life examples of how you can adapt the models to work for you
  • How to adapt your business fast to thrive in the digitized post-COVID-19 world
  • How to leverage the internet to out-compete your competitions and excel
  • Harnessed the power of digital platforms to reinvent industry business models to win over new customers
  • How to grow your brand visibility fast and tighten your grip on the competition until you become the leader in your industry

This is in fact the best investment you will make in the coming Post COVID-19 era because the dynamics of how business is done will change significantly. Almost every business transaction will start (and probably end) online. Who better to model your business than people/companies that have already succeeded and are even growing bigger?

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Who is this book for?

– Entrepreneurs

– Startup founders and CEOs

– Heads of marketing and sales

– Digital Marketing Agencies

– Innovators and business strategists

– Business Consultants

And anyone who is interested in growing his/her business exponentially

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Get the Print Hardcover Book for just NGN2,999

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About The Author

Miracle Ayanfe, Best Selling AuthorThe Author, Miracle Ayanfe has an MBA from the prestigious Middlesex University Business School London. She is a successful Management Analysis Consultant and a Senior Digital leader.

Her focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises advising and training clients on sustainable business practices and analytics.

A visionary leader, Miracle provides consultancy and training in the areas of Digital Marketing, Sustainable Business Practices, and Analytics.

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